In the summer of 2017, I was taking the Brown Computer Science placement exam, which was conducted in Racket. Around the same time, I bought my own copy of Cards Against Humanity, and I thought it was pretty fun. Wanting to explore the potential of Racket, I developed racket-against-humanity, an application designed to allow users to easily generate their own print-ready cards in the style of Cards Against Humanity.

An example of cards generated by racket-against-humanity.

The script also allows for the easy specification of certain black cards to be defined as “Pick 2” or “Pick 3” cards (see the above figure for an example). See the README for more information.

In terms of getting them printed, I used Printer Studio’s 66x83mm Custom Cards (Blank) with 310gsm linen. I organized a group bulk buy with some of my friends, and was able to drop the unit cost by a little over 25%. Pretty cool!

Racket Against Humanity was released on Github in July 2017.
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