Immediately following Christmas Break, all Regis High School students are required to take a Science Mid-Year Exam covering all of the material in their respective science class from the past half-year. Obviously, I didn’t want to study for my Physics exam, but I did want to learn LaTeX, so I made a website about Physics using LaTeX.

Using MathJax, a Javascript integration for LaTeX rendering on webpages, I built a website covering all of the topics that were going to be on the exam with LaTeX for displaying necessary formulas and example solution sets for extra practice. I also used Sketch to design a cute, little mascot to cheer people on while they were studying.

The results were conclusive: 100% of people surveyed agreed that they scored higher on the exam because of the website.*

*Disclaimer: 100% of people surveyed also agreed that they had no basis of comparison for their exam scores.

You can find the website here.

Physics Guide was released in December 2015.
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