I was commissioned by Skakel McCooey and John Timony, two of my fellow classmates at Regis, to design the website for Mental Health Matters, a blog dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues in New York City.

mhm.nyc is built on top of the Chameleon CMS for Ruby on Rails. Specifically for this project, I found Chameleon superior over other alternatives such as Butter (a Heroku addon for Rails) and WordPress. While Chameleon’s documentation is somewhat lacking, its customizability on the developer side (in addition to the fact it’s completely free) made it a great choice for a project where the clients specifically expressed disinterest in modifying the site’s design after initial production.

This project was also an opportunity to experiment delivering production websites from Heroku with external AWS S3 buckets for data storage for the first time.

mhm.nyc was released in August 2016.
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