Sometimes people ask me what games I have when I invite them over for a board game night. Here is a list of all the games we currently have, with player count and our “expected” runtime based off of our previous plays.

My gaming nights tend to have >4 players, so a number of the games below also take into account the addition of expansions that add additional players. Also, there’s often new players to the games, so the “runtime” of each game generally assumes that about half of the players are new to the game.

Game Players Runtime Teach Time
Agricola 2-6 25 min/pp 30 min
A Feast for Odin 2-4 40 min/pp 30 min
Champions of Midgard (w/ Dark Mountains Expansion) 2-5 20 min/pp 20 min
Coup 4-6 30 min 10 min
Fast & Furious: Highway Heist 2-4 20 min/pp 15 min
Kanban EV 2-4 45 min/pp 45 min
Lisboa 2-4 40 min/pp 45 min
Lords of Waterdeep (w/ Scoundrels Expansion) 2-6 25 min/pp 20 min
Rococo 2-5 25 min/pp 30 min
Skull 2-6 20 min 5 min
Tzolk’in (w/ Tribes Expansion) 2-5 20 min/pp 25 min
Wavelength 2-any 45 min 5 min