About Me

I was born in New Jersey, moved to Arizona when I was two, and moved back to New Jersey when I was nine. (Woah!) Right now, I’m in Providence, Rhode Island, where I’m studying computer science at Brown University.

Before Brown, I was a student at Regis High School, a tuition-free instutition located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While I was there, I was the Layout Editor of The Owl, the Lighting Designer for the Regis Repertory, and one of the founding members of the school’s Mock Trial team. I also was the Speech President of The Hearn, Regis’s nationally-ranked speech and debate society, where I managed and coached a cohort of about sixty peers during weekly tournaments within New York and other events around the country.

In 2016, I was named on CEWeek’s 10Under20: Young Innovators To Watch list for my work on Math Battle, a game where players compete against each other in competitive online multiplayer math battles with a focus on increasing access to educational materials via technology.

As a result of Math Battle, I’ve been featured in the following publications:

If I’m not doing anything Computer Science-related, you might find me judging at a local speech and debate tournament, improvising tunes on a piano, or in the theater working on sound or lighting design.

About This Site

Hosted on Github Pages, this site is built on Jekyll, a static site generator built in Ruby. I built the site’s theme from scratch, and the source code for it (licensed under the MIT license) can be found at my Github repo here.

For the automatically sorting “cards” seen on the front page, I use Isotope.

If you’ve viewed some of the articles or project writeups, you’ll notice that the images only load after the page has rendered. I’m using Lazysizes to lazily load the images in for faster response times.

Finally, in order to make sure all the necessary, visual-based Javascript is loaded before the page renders, I use PleaseWait to display a brief interstitial with a humorous loading message until the page is ready to display.

The source code of the entire site is available on Github.
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