FarmFit - Fitness-Based Farming Simulation Game
Fitness-Based Farm Simulation Game


FitFarm is a Fitness-based Farm Simulation Game which uses the Apple Watch to tracks its user's heartrate and physical actions, rewarding players for extensive physical activity. These players recieve points for exercising, which they can spend at the Exercise Emporium to buy animals and crops.

FarmFit uses Apple's HealthKit API to interface between the Apple Watch and the user's iPhone. This allows it to seamlessly interface with the Apple Watch without any effort from the user. Players' activitiy is passively tracked, meaning that the app does not have to be opened to collect fitness data.

Game Mechanics

FarmFit is a parody of the popular Facebook game FarmVille. Many of its themes and mechanics are humorous interpretations of similar ideas from its predecessor. However, FarmVille has other powerful incentives to motivate players to work hard and exercise.

FarmFit rewards users' active and energetic lives by giving them CardioCoins! CardioCoins are a special currency that players can use to acquire animals and crops for their very own farm. As players continue their active lives, they will be able to purchase more and more animals. This exciting and encouraging mechanic incentivises users to keep up their physical activity and work hard to stay in shape.

By enouraging physical activity through enticing rewards, FarmFit motivates people to exercise even when they otherwise would not consider to do so. It makes the arduous task of exercise 'fun', and tries to help people who normally would be unmotivated to exercise. Players will want to see their farms grow, and they will work hard (or give us money) to achieve that goal.

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